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Tidy Job company may provide you with high-quality Car Wash in Dundee and around it. You do not have to go anywhere, because it is them who come to the client in order to perform the service. You can choose one of many available packages which include various elements. The cheapest variant will provide you with windows cleaning, exterior washing and even wheels clearance, as well as taking care of the tyres. More advanced car valet includes also, for example, dressing the dashboard or litter and pet hair removal.

Tidy Job
12B Bonnethill Court DD3 7BA Dundee

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A Polish company which specialises in the production of optical discs and cassette tapes, Printmasta, offers some of the most attractive prices on the market. The services are dependable and efficient to ensure the client's satisfaction. They deliver the commissions to many countries in Europe using only reliable shipping agents. The company offers Blu-ray, DVD and CD duplication and replication, cassette tape manufacturing, but it can also prepare the cases in many different styles using artwork sent by the customer.Quick CD duplicationFor orders smaller than five hundred pieces, DVD and CD duplication will be the best option. The audio or video delivered by the customer will be simply copied onto an indicated number of discs. The process may take a bit more time than replication, but its effects are just as good. The commission can also include the packaging for the copies. In that case the customer will be asked to choose whatever case he or she likes best and send the graphic which will be printed onto it to fully customise the order.

Jarosława Dąbrowskiego 19/18 02-561 Warszawa

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FF CUSTOMS & LOGISTICS LTD is a specialized Polish customs agency in the UK. They are team of professional customs agents with many years of experience. The experience of their employees is hundreds of clearances for companies from various industries - electronic devices, pharmaceuticals, furniture, construction products and food. From paracetamol to e-cigarettes to wood and furniture, from heavy construction equipment to yoghurt - they have no limits and there are no obstacles for them. Every company can count on their help.

Brexit custom agents

Brexit customs agents guarantee safety and fast export and import. After Brexit, all goods crossing the UK border require customs clearance. There is no way to avoid them - you have to be prepared. Hire FF CUSTOMS & LOGISTICS LTD today and let them take care of the customs clearance of your cargo. Professionally prepared documents will allow your drivers to go through the check-in without any problems. Your goods will not get stuck at the border and you will have more time. Do not risk and start cooperation now!

6 Russell Road, IP11 2BD Felixstowe